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History of Best Endodontics of Glenview

The practice of Best Endodontics was started by Dr James Best in the mid 1950’s as a practice limited to endodontics in Evanston, Illinois, prior to the ADA recognizing endodontics as a specialty.  Like the majority of dental specialties, the American Association of Endodontics (AAE) was organized when dentists with similar interests met at the annual Chicago Dental Society meeting.  Increasing numbers of AAE members, as well as non-member dentists, were limiting their practices to endodontics and in 1964 the ADA recognized endodontics as a dental specialty.  Dr Best was one of the original founding members of the American Association of Endodontists.

In 1953, Illinois became the first state to license and recognize endodontic specialists.  In 1961 Harold Epstein, James Best, Harold Gerstein and Michael Heuer met and founded the Edgar D. Coolidge Endodontic Study Club, which continues as one of the most prestigious endodontic study clubs in the country.  Dr. Best was the former Chair of the endodontics department at Loyola University from the mid 1950’s to the late 1960’s and successor to Dr. Coolidge in that position.

Co-founders of the Coolidge Club (L to R): Harold Gerstein, Michael Heuer and James Best at the 25th anniversary dinner dance commemorating the founding of the organization.

In 1963 Dr. Bernard J. Grothaus worked with Dr. James Best as a part-time associate and then joined the practice full-time in 1964.  Dr. Grothaus had maintained a general practice in Glenview, where he performed root canal treatment for local dentists; and in 1968, when Best Endodontics expanded westward, our current location at the Colonial Court building 1775 was the perfect fit.  At that time Dr. Warren Avny worked as a part-time associate while he was in his postgraduate endodontic program at Loyola University dental school.  In 1970 Dr. Avny became a full partner and the practice incorporated as “Best, Grothaus, Avny Endodontics, Ltd”.

In 1970 Dr. Gerald Heiman joined the practice part-time and then in 1971 he became a partner at which time the practice again expanded westward to include an office in Mount Prospect.  At that time the corporation changed its name for brevity to its current moniker of Best Endodontics Ltd.  In the early 1990’s when Dr James Best retired, the partners secure the use of his name for the corporation.  Then, in 1995 as the partners neared retirement they decided to separate Best Endodontics Ltd. into three separate practices that still bear the name of Dr. James Best today.

Today, Best Endodontics of Glenview consists of Dr. Martin Rogers, who joined the practice in 1998; Dr. Matthew Davis, who joined in 2001; and Dr. Timothy J. Rogers, who joined in 2013.