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Todd – Rogers

I had an appointment with Dr. Tomothy J. Rogers, D.D.S.  I needed a root canal, and, I’m surprised to say, it was kind of nice…!  I needed it done, and I had absolutely NO DISCOMFORT!Not even the next day!  I was nervous UNTIL, I sat in the chair.  Then, nothing.

I will highly recommend Dr. Timothy J. Rogers, DDS, of Best Endodontics, in Glenview, IL. again and again; a very big thumb’s up! He is uber-knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, and flexible.

Todd F.

Ralph DDS

As a dentist myself, I am in a unique position to comment on the excellence of the doctors and staff at Best Endodontics of Glenview. I have been both a patient and a referring doctor. I have had root canal treatment a number of times with them, seeing all three doctors.  These doctors are highly skilled, painless, and efficient. Their equipment is state of the art. They are also compassionate and personable, and they have a friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Ralph S, DDS


Okay. Nobody likes to have a root canal. I have had one before. This was my second. THESE ENDOS ARE THE BEST. My procedure was PAINLESS and very efficient and NOT SCARY at all once he started. It was amazing. Everything was explained as he went along and I am telling you…I FELT NOTHING. Yay! Go here go here go here.



I have been with Best Endo for over 10 years and it was great.
Dr. Matt Davis is a very professional dentist that wants his patient to have best experience and dental care.  He is upfront about what needs to be done and really does a great job! His staff is professional too and very friendly. I would recommend him to everyone!

Leon L.


My dentist referred me here & Dr. Martin (Marty) Rogers was great!  He was honest with me about the teeth & explained everything to me.  I didn’t feel rushed, he made sure I understood everything we talked about & if I had any questions. Honesty is hard to find nowadays but you’ll definitely get it here, I extremely recommend Best Endodontics of Glenview!

Juliet L.


While my wife has never had a root canal before, she’s had a lot of dental work performed. She said that Dr. Davis was terrific, and so was his lovely dental assistant.
Both before the procedure, and throughout the procedure, Dr. Davis kept explaining what he was doing and reassuring my wife. Because of the effective use of Novacaine, it was not a painful procedure.

Frank C.